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garden swing walmart 5
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I received this swing as a baby shower gift. My friend had an older model and loves it. However, when I turned mine on it makes a grinding noise as if the gears are catching. At that time my newborn hated the swing and refused to be put in it and as a new mom it was the last thing on my mind. Now at 6 weeks old she's fine with the swing, but if I put her in it when she is sleepy the grinding noise wakes her right up. I called customer service and found out the noise is the "smart swing technology" calculating the weight of the swing and the baby. Last night I saw how peacefully her newborn was sleeping in the swing and kind of got jealous with the extra time she had not having to soothe her baby like I do after the grinding. That made me feel like I needed to write this review. I do not recommend the smart swing technology. Also, I find the music and the mobile stopping after 15-20 mins a little unhelpful, because after finally getting her to nap in it when the music stops she wakes up.

The versatile Fisher-Price Butterfly Garden Papasan Cradle Swing is a handy accessory to encourage your baby to get ready for nap time or keep the child entertained with sound effects and motion. This darling girls swing moves back and forth, as well from side to side. It has a comfy two-position seat with a nest-like feel. The Fisher-Price Papasan cradle swing features three attractive butterflies that float up and down and also rotate. The overhead dome projects lit-up butterfly images above your baby and onto the surrounding sheer canopy. The Papasan baby swing offers eight daytime songs, eight soothing nighttime songs, plus two long-play sounds. You can customize your baby girls cradle swing for music only, motion only, mobile only, or any combination of options you desire.

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Question: Replacing Canopy for a Swing/GliderBy cshell 2 found this helpfulJune 26, 2011Does anyone know an easy inexpensive way to replace the canopy that goes over a swing? Mine fell apart from just normal sun/weather exposure. The frame and rest of the swing is fine. I don't really want to have to replace the whole thing (too expensive) if I don't have to. Help! AdBy Michelle Answer Was this helpful? 2By Maya Lee June 27, 20110 found this helpfulOr, use a piece of canvas tarp. Reply Was this helpful? YesBy Barbara June 27, 20111 found this helpfulOutdoor fabric is sold at a discount by, not a plug. I don't even live in the US. I just did a search and a lot of it is priced at 8.98 a yard and it's 54 inches wide. If you talk with them about your project, you will find they are really helpful. And your swing would look so nice. Reply Was this helpful? 1By Pat June 27, 20110 found this helpfulI actually found a small childs tent that was just the right size to replace mine, at a yard sale. Take the measurements and you may find just the thing to work for you.Pat Reply Was this helpful? YesAdBy Vi Johnson June 28, 20110 found this helpfulWe had one of these swings also. And the top rotted off by the end of that first summer. I used an old twin size sheet to just pin it over the top frame. You can pick up good sheets at a thrift store. Maybe you could find just the right thing there also. GG Vi Reply Was this helpful? YesRead More Answers

Question: Replacement Canopy for Garden SwingMay 29, 20120 found this helpfulI am looking for a replacement canopy for a three-seat hammock swing that I purchased from Walmart a few years ago. The canopy top resembles a gazebo top. It is stationary (does not pivot) and angles up from the four sides to a flat top in the center similar to a roof. AdBy Kathy D. Answer Was this helpful? YesBy Ida M. May 31, 20120 found this helpfulMy canopy wore out on my swing. Well I had bought some twin fitted sheets a long while back very cheap. What I did was take two twin fitted sheets and take out the corners and hem with rubber off long side of each fitted sheet and I measured the canopy frame. Then I sewed the two pieces together. I was trying to make a new fitted sheet for my pillow top mattress. Well, I couldn't get the flat sheet to fit right so I accidentally tried the new fitted sheet on my canopy frame and it fit perfectly. So now I have a cover again and I can change the pattern anytime I want. My frame happened to be the same size as my pillow top mattress. I was a little time consuming to tear out the old seams, but saved me a lot of money for a replacement. Reply Was this helpful? YesAd

A.My first swing made the same noise, I hated it. I returned it and ordered another one and now the second one is make a squeaking noise like it needs WD40. I have not decided if I am going to purchase this swing again, I am irritated with the quality, but I must have a swing.

Tip: Replacing Canopy on a Lawn SwingOctober 10, 20087 found this helpfulI have an old aluminum lawn swing which needed a new canopy. The cushions were easy to replace but I need a canopy. I went to a hardware store and bought a vinyl roll up shade (could be bamboo) and placed it over the top of the swing. I tied it down with plastic slip ties. It has lasted over three years now and is easy to keep clean.By Mary C. from Newark, CA Comment Was this helpful? 7By Theresa L. June 7, 20160 found this helpfulTop CommentBrilliant Mary C on the roll-up window shade to replace my patio swing canopy!!! $20 window shade (plastic) & zip ties done in less than an hour. Unroll, remove strings and bottom plastic "bar." Place over canopy, roll back up to desired length (bottom of shade without the bar or keep on if you want a bit of privacy), zip tie to frame! For added support I cut the bottom plastic bar & zip tied to middle of canopy as mine didn't have one. Then Steve came up with using pieces of the bar to support the zip ties on the top of the canopy. Best part, it will not blow away as the wind goes thru the shade. Love this site. Can't wait to discover more thrifty ways! Reply Was this helpful? YesRead More Comments

We bought this swing for our first baby in 2012 and loved it from the begginning. My third baby just outgrown it but we were using it on a daily basis for our 3 kids. We found out it was cracking a bit lately but only when it was pressed against the wall. We used it regularly since 2012 but it is still working like a new one and I will be able to pass it to an other mommy. When we just bought the swing, the padding was a bit undone and we called the company who sent a new one for free and we received out it in a few days. From start to finish, it took 5 minutes. The longest part was to give our address. Later, we moved and lost the harness. We called the company again and asked to buy a new one but they just sent it for free and we were able to use the swing a few days later. Again, it only took a few minutes. What I loved the most is the great experience with customer services. Fisher price offers, to my experience, the best service a company ever gave me.

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