To make it easier for you, the “do-it-yourself” storage shed kits are for sale partially prefabricated to make the assembly of the shed barn kit simple and straightforward. The DIY storage shed kit walls are assembled and the rafters are prebuilt and ready to put into place. While we offer large shed kits as well […]

Broderick Where classic tradition meets designer style – the Broderick Leather Collection introduces the brilliance of time-honored style merged with contemporary charm, right into the center of your home. This vintage-inspired design, featuring a sofa, loveseat, chair and matching ottoman, offers versatile furniture pieces that will be the highlight of any living space. Broderick is […]

Finding Your New Folding Table The possible uses for a folding table are nearly endless, and so are the sizes and shapes available. There are a few primary considerations to keep in mind as you’re selecting the folding table that’s right for your purposes. Shape and size are two of the most obvious. Depending upon […]

How do I decorate my contemporary living room?When it comes to contemporary living room design, there are really no hard-and-fast rules. When considering different contemporary living room ideas, you’ll want it to be a space that makes your family and guests feel comfortable, but is also functional for day-to-day living. When thinking about contemporary living […]

Experience the beauty and majesty of the beach with Coastal Shades of Blue Collection. With our wide selection of beach decor and coastal furniture, any house can be a beach house, even if you’re nowhere near the gently lapping waves of the ocean. Touches of turquoise, eye-catching nautical accessories, and subtle nods to coastal icons […]

If the bathroom of your dreams is one that has strong & durable bathroom vanities that are super stylish as well, then acrylic vanities are what you have been looking for and will fit best with the design you have in mind. Acrylic is one material that looks amazing, feels gorgeous and lasts years without […]

Eucalyptus Table and Chairs Affordable Wood Patio Furniture with an Ethical Twist Eucalyptus Patio Furniture is growing in popularity as the wood of choice for outdoor patio furniture. In the past, teak reigned supreme over most other choices of wood because of its strength, beauty, and durability, but teak furniture is generally very expensive. Many homeowners […]

With superior craftsmanship and tremendously impressive style, no vehicle is more treasured than a high-class Honda. With genuine Honda, you enjoy attractive lines as well as exceptional precision. Fast-lane curve-huggers, such as the road-beating Honda CRV, were manufactured to be stressed hard, but then serviced and maintained. Knowing you’ll go with a fuel efficient Honda, […]

There’s no reason for your bathroom lights to be decorative afterthoughts, especially with so many light fixture options out there. And in a room where lighting is a critical component for daily vanity tasks, having the right style of light is key. This assortment of lighting for the bathroom includes a variety of wall-mounted fixtures, […]

Step-by-step instructionsA worn out aerator /adapter is a quick fix, as you’re about to see. It’s also a great way to reduce your water usage and decrease your water bills. And when it comes to fixing it yourself, you’re also about to see you’re becoming a DIY expert. Tools and supplies required: Adjustable Pliers 1 […]