Home Retro Furniture Retro Furniture Give your retro kitchen or game room a vintage-style makeover with our huge selection of diner booths, chairs and tables. All our custom diner furniture is commercial grade, made with chrome-plated steel, tough vinyl and durable laminates – and all in classic, 50s-style colors and patterns. Choose a set of […]

Home / Architectural / Bathroom Bathroom Loading. In many ways, the sink is the centerpiece of your bathroom. It is often the first furnishing people notice and the one used most often by guests. When you want a beautiful antique bathroom, there is no better place to start than with the bathroom sink. At Olde […]

“Lessons learned: Mobile homes are different from stick-built homes. You cannot always find parts in traditional home improvement stores. It is easier and things fit and work better with mobile home replacement parts. I would suggest having patience and taking your time to do things right. The work is not hard, but in small spaces […]

Keyhole Covers Is a keyhole on your vintage or antique cabinet or desk missing the keyhole cover or insert? If so, you probably know how naked it can look without the right cover plate. More than mere embellishments, keyhole covers can also help protect the wood at the edge of the keyhole and even help […]

Hanging Water Gardens™, Plant Rooters, Plant Starters, basically it’s the same thing — the most elegant, stylish and care-free way to grow a wide variety of plants in water. Grow plants such as ivy, philodendron, spider plants, impatiens, begonias, basil, mint, rosemary… the list goes on and on. Our Vermont Nature Creations hand crafted Hanging […]

Karaoke brings people together like few other activities: You either sequester yourself into a windowless room with a group of friends where you bond over a shared knowledge of Gin Blossoms songs, or you work up the nerve to sing those songs in front of a room of strangers. Either way, it’s hard to have […]

Next Up Broom and Utility Closet Organization A utility closet might be one of the more industrial spaces in the home, but that doesn’t mean that it should be left unorganized. Learn what storage solutions work best for your space and budget. Reclaim Wasted Space: Dining Rooms, Garages, Attics and Closets Explore the evolution of […]

You can usually find inexpensive candy cane garland that you can wrap around light fixtures, in your swag or in the wreaths that you place around the house. You can also find candy cane (or at least red and white striped) wrapping paper, ribbons and a velvet red and white tree skirt. Decorate your tree […]

Another grand idea for home mood lighting: branchy tree full of butterflies & flower blossoms, painted simply on a bedroom wall, this time with rainbow Christmas lights all strung up. Super cute for both kids AND adults young at heart. Teen bedroom ideas should include functions specific to their age, as well as look great. […]

Every woman needs a proper makeup vanity, that's a fact. The ones that come with lights attached are even better, as they are a real dream come true for most women. Let us elaborate a bit on how they are better than the standard makeup kit, and how will they easily turn a makeup session […]